The Big River Steampunk Festival continues to draw in thousands to Downtown Hannibal

The Big River Steampunk Festival continues to draw in thousands to Downtown Hannibal

The festivities are just getting started at the Third Annual Steampunk Festival kicking off Friday night.

Steampunk fans traveled across the country for this annual festival.

"We traveled 2,000 miles to come to Steampunk, we travel all over the country, because we just love it," said Nice, California resident David Rutherford

It's a cross between the Victorian Age and Science Fiction.

For the third year in a row, the Steampunk festival is taking place across Labor Day weekend.

Pawn Stars and this year's MC and Headliner, Doc Phineas explained, "Well I think Hannibal has really become a special place for all of us steampunks. People all over the world are envious that we are here this weekend, and what a perfect place for it, its antique, its Victorian, its Mark Twain, and Mark Twain is probably one of the world's biggest steampunks."

If you aren't participating in Tea Dueling with Doc Phineas, there's a variety of events.

Grave Yard Tours, BurleQ's and you can't miss the cabaret.

Come Saturday morning, the Hannibal Downtown streets will be crawling with Steampunk fans.

Co-Founder, Ken Marks says each year the Steampunk Festival gets bigger and bigger.

"4,000 is very big for a steampunk convention, much less than in a city of 18,000 so we are very proud that people want to come to Hannibal," said Marks.

And for steampunk fans like Earl Slavens from Springfield, Missouri he hopes to help draw an even bigger crowd to the downtown area.

"I'm just trying to spread the word, when I'm in Springfield I go to dances dressed up like this, and when they ask me what I'm doing, I say I'm from Hannibal Steampunk," Slavens said.

Now, for the full schedule of events for this year's Big River Steampunk festival, click here for the Steampunk Festival page.

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