The Autism Support Group presentation


The Autism Support Group would like to inform the public about a free presentation to help you understand more about autism.

Taylor Sweeting shares the experiences that have shaped his life and how his autism spectrum diagnosis allows a different view of the world. Both neuro-typical attendees and those on the autism spectrum will learn from this presentation. The presentation is also ideal for agency and service staff members and family members of persons with autism.

WHAT: Why Can't You Understand Me?

WHEN: Friday, November 17 at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Quincy Workforce Center, 107 North Third St.

Call 217-222-1560 to reserve you seat!

If you have any questions for Taylor, feel free to contact him via email or Social Medaia.

Personal Email:

Work Email:

Facebook: Taylor Sweeting

Instagram: ts122187 ts122187

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