Thanksgiving Day Tournament Committee reveals fate of the holiday tradition

Thanksgiving Day Tournament Committee reveals fate of the holiday tradition

The idea that Quincy Public School union members walking off the job in less than two weeks is what many are talking about.

Those talks continued Tuesday with the Blue Devil Thanksgiving Tournament Committee speaking about the possible strike.

You can watch the press conference below or click here.

You might remember when the Quincy Federation announced its date to strike and Union President Jen Drew specifically listed this would impact the tournament.

Now the bottom line is that if the strike does happen the tournament will not happen.

Here's what that really means.

The district, specifically the sports program, will be out $45,000 dollars.

Organizers say $6,300 has to be paid for team fee's.

Another possible $11,000 to other contracts.

The event makes $35,000 off community members attending the games.

Terry Trader is the chairman of the Quincy Athletic Development Association.

He says these are vital dollars the strike will take away from student activities.

"Can't we have a strike maybe after Thanksgiving and we can have a tournament and still get the money? It's going to help with the programs and then have the stike. It wouldn't hurt the strike I don't think but we would really like to have the tournament," says Trader.

In case you didn't know, this year marks 47 years for the Quincy tradition.

Event organizers tell KHQA they don't feel that moving the tournament would be in the event's best interest.

Again, November 17th is the earliest Quincy Public School Union members can walk off the job to strike.

That will also be the day we find out if the traditional holiday tournament will continue on.

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