Tackling the tournament

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Tom and Tiffany Frese are tackling the tournament with a healthy dose of humor.

"I try to read up on the stats a little bit...."
"No she doesn't. She has no idea. She couldn't tell you any team record for this year. She's a natural. She's really good."

And straight luck.

"She beats me every year and she picks based off of uniform colors and mascots. So it's pretty embarrassing at the end of the year when she's winning money and I'm throwing my brackets in the trash.”

Randy Klues is a little more competitive.

"Actually me and my buddy, we do this every round for the NCAA tournament. We take off work and we just watch basketball all day. Probably our tenth year of doing this. It's kind of a tradition," said Klues, a Quincy resident.

Heather Balzer is the general manager of Native Grill & Wings.

"I think it's a great destination for March Madness. We have over 40 TVs. You can watch every game that’s on and just basically sit in one spot and see every game," said Balzer.

Since the start of the tournament, Tri-State bars having been anything but boring.

"Energetic to say the least. With all the games going and people excited and hollering and ups and downs and everything else, it’s been very exciting around here," Balzer stated.
"It's more about just coming here and watching the games and having a good time with your friends and what not. Watching basketball is just kind of a plus," Klues.
"My brother would want me to say go Duke," said Tiffany Frese.

Good luck to everyone with their brackets!

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