Stop texting and driving

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for US teens, accounting for more than one in three deaths in this age group.

That's from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So it's extremely important that teenagers reduce distractions while they drive, including cell phones.

KHQA's Jarod Wells talked to some students at Quincy Senior High School who have taken a stand that could save their lives in this KHQA Safe Family Health Report.

There's no doubt technology plays a major role in the lives of most teenagers,

QHS Senior Sinead Brink said, "I know texting is a part of our generation, everyone texts."

Whether it was a personal experience, hearing the story of someone's life being changed forever by texting while driving, or a simple presentation, a good number of Quincy Senior High Students have chosen to not become a statistic.

QHS Senior Abbey Holder said, "In the beginning of the school year I got rear ended by a car who was texting and driving. It sent me and my best friend to the hospital."

QHS student Taylor Kelty said, "Actually I used to text while I drove and I almost got it a wreck.

QHS Senior Jessica Bagby said, "I recently was texting and noticed my eyes weren't on the road."

Holder said, "I tried texting and driving and realized that I wasn't paying attention and that was enough for me to never do it again."

QHS Junior Mathias Frank said, "It's not really my life that I'm concerned about so much. You always hear people say that guy was an impaired driver and he ran into so and so's family. That poor family, you just have to feel bad for those people and the people they leave behind."

As QHS students go through drivers ed they learn that it is illegal to text and drive, and perhaps more importantly how dangerous and fatal it can be.

QHS Drivers Ed Department Chairman Kerry Anders said, "They don't realize that it only takes a couple seconds to be distracted. What the impact could be, it could be a rear end collision, off the road either left or right. They have to be cautious, take their time, stay off their phones."

These students have taken a stand, will you?

AT&T recently released a ten-minute documentary titled "The Last Text."

It features real-life stories told by those whose lives have been changed forever by texting and driving.

We strongly urge you to watch it with your family.

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