State of shopping at the Quincy Mall

Quincy Mall.JPG

Several stores closed their doors in the Quincy Mall in 2019 including Bergner's, Sears and Finish Line.

AMC Theater announced just last week that it plans to close as well.

Despite this, mall management remains optimistic by pointing to a new strategy in mall leasing.

"We've actually got two leasing groups right now who are actively and aggressively looking to lease whatever vacant spaces we got," Quincy Mall manager Mike Jenkins said. "We've always been in the nature of, you're always looking for the next great tenant to bring in."

Fifteen-year tenant Bowtree announced that it's relocating from the Quincy Mall to a different location.

CEO Michael Ray said he thinks the future is bright for the Quincy Mall.

"Kind of excited for some of the things they do have coming into the mall," Ray said. "Unfortunately, we won't be here for them but we'd still like to see the mall do well, because it's been a good place to us for 15 years. I still think the mall has a lot to offer Quincy."

Meanwhile, Quincy Medical Group is in the process of creating an outpatient surgery center in the former Bergner's space.

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