Starting June 1st you could see months of detours in Macomb, Illinois

Starting June 1st you could see months of detours in Macomb, Illinois

You'll see road closure and detour signs along County Road 1500 in Macomb, Illinois.

However the detours caused by the construction of bypass 336 could have an impact on Sam and Chris Smith's family plans in just two weeks.

"My daughter's graduation party is out here so yeah we're little bit concerned right now about how we're going to get in and out of the lake," Sam explained.

As of June 1st, detours on County Road 1500 could lead drivers to another one right on Emory Road.

Macomb Mayor Michael Inman said crews are in phase one of three of the bypass project.

However, the work being done on County Road 1500 could see a delay due to the overpass on Emory Road.

"It cannot start until this project is done," Inman mentioned.

Inman pointed out he's aware about the concerns people have once the construction starts on County Road 1500.

"That's the primary entrance to Spring Lake," Inman said. "We know that".

Yet Smith explained the detours could steer away family members who plan to travel far for their family vacation.

"It does worry us because we'll have to make other arrangements if we can't get everybody together," Sam said.

Inman explained they plan to keep safety and the entrance to Spring Lake a priority.

"Folks would have to come from the west to approach Spring Lake," Inman mentioned.

He said phase one should be complete by October 2017.


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