St. Vincent's Home recognizes recently canonized Saint Katharina Kasper

Pope Francis confirmed Katharina Kasper, now known as Saint Katharina, last month.

A Quincy nursing home recognizes a new Saint recently canonized by the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis confirmed Katharina Kasper, now known as Saint Katharina, last month.

You've probably heard about the continuing road to sainthood for Father Augustus Tolton.

He was the first known African-American priest in the U.S. who is buried at St. Peter's Cemetery in Quincy.

You might not have heard about Saint Katharina and her tie to the Gem City.

"The church doesn't make saints, what the church does is recognize them," said Father Leo Enlow with St. Peters Church.

St. Vincent's Home in Quincy held a service and proclamation ceremony Thursday for one of its own.

The original St. Vincent's Home was built under the direction of Katharina Kasper, now known as Saint Katharina. That home was in service for almost a century before closing due to new rules and regulations.

"A local man basically purchased a failing nursing home and by that time the name had changed to the Christian center and to Lincoln Hill, and he wanted to bring it back to what it was," said St. Vincent's Marketing Director Brian Inman.

St. Vincent's held a canonization and prayer service Thursday morning.

It also re-dedicated the refurbished, 100+ year old historic St. Vincent Statue in honor of Saint Katharina .

"The process of canonization blessed Katharina Kasper started back in 1914 and it has taken until 2018 for the recognization," said Father Leo. "The church stating that she is enjoying the beatific vision, that she is basically with God in heaven. Help those in a since who are the weakest, poorest , the elderly."

And a century later Saint Katharina's mission to help the weakest, poorest and elderly lives on.

Father Tolton is also in the process of becoming a saint. No word on the status of that process.

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