Southeastern Iowa groups torn over intersection dispute


Lee County Board Supervisor Don Hunold makes his feelings crystal clear.

"We think 180th should be left open," Hunold explained.

Meanwhile, Hunold mentioned the Iowa Fertilizer Company wants to close the 180th Street median and the road.

"Turn it into something they can use, 180th that they’re going to close that intersection there and put in an acceleration lane also."

Hunold is against closing the street.

He said to close the street would inconvenience the few residents who live on the road.

His other concern is semi-trucks not using the proper entrance and exit to the plant.

The issue might be more than just closing the median.

Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber says there have been accidents on nearby intersections in the area.

"This intersection is no different than those others," Weber said.

"I think what everyone is concerned about is the turning traffic in front of people coming down that hill," Weber pointed out.

The fertilizer plant recently opened which means more traffic could follow in the future.

"If there's an increase of traffic, I expect there to be an increase of traffic accidents," Weber explained.

Hunold said he'd like to wait and see what happens before making any concrete decisions.

"And in a year from now or so and if it's busier than busy, we can sit down and talk about it again," Hunold explained.

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