Smash your stress away in brand new Rage Room

New Tri-State Rage Room: Outrage

Tri-State residents in need of major stress relief can now skip all the normal methods and try an unusual, but apparently effective alternative.

A brand new rage room is now open in Hannibal.

All you have to do is pay a small fee and you can smash away your frustrations and stress.

Owner, Paula DelTorro, says she wanted to give Tri-State residents a different approach to relieving stress.

"I would rather them leave their anger or their fun or something here than go on the street or go home and take it out on somebody. I'm willing to clean up after the anger and all that, just come in and try it. Don't let it scare you. It's fun," said DelTorro.

It's $25 per person for 20 minutes, there is a max of two people in the room at a time.

It's $20 per person for 20 minutes if you bring your own box of things to smash and $5 for any additional box you bring.

There are two ways to book time in the rage room.

You can message Outrage on Facebook here or you can call the business at (573) 629-7884.

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