SkyWest Airlines ribbon cutting delayed at Quincy Regional Airport

SkyWest Plane.jpg

Quincy Regional Airport officials and Chamber of Commerce ambassadors were supposed to officially welcome the airline with a ribbon cutting Wednesday.

But due to a delay those festivities were cancelled.

That made passengers wait almost two hours before departing.

The ribbon cutting for SkyWest Airlines at Quincy Regional Airport didn't go as planned Wednesday.

That's because the plane's pilots needed "adequate sleep.”

"Of course safety is always our first priority. We do appreciate everyone's patience with that short delay and so far the operations have been running really well," stated Marissa Snow, Spokesperson SkyWest Airlines.

Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore agrees about the airline's success.

SkyWest has been flying in and out of Quincy Regional Airport since December 1, 2017.

He says the federal government approved SkyWest as the new airline service because of cost and more flight options.

"They are a United Airline and has the ability to fly us to places like Denver, to Dallas to Atlanta and so this gives us the ability where if we utilize this airline they can take us to other hubs which other airlines did not provide us this option,” says Moore.

Moore says having a larger plane allows greater accessibility for flyers.

"This plane is handicap-accessible too and so for some reason if you were handicapped or disabled you’re going to have no problems getting on this jet,” says Moore.

The goal is to take Quincy Regional Airport to the next level.

That's part of Mayor Moore's vision.

He says if the Tri-States invest in flying in and out of Quincy, the facility will rival other regional airports like in Springfield and Peoria.

Quincy has a two-year contract with SkyWest, which features 50-passenger jets.

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