Shop with a cop in Quincy

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Now that it's back to school season, area retailers are stocked up and at the ready, but some families are struggling to afford those supply lists. Which is why Quincy's K-Mart got a visit from the Adams County Sheriff's Department today, but it's all for a good cause.

So today is simply "shop with a cop," back to school edition. It's helping some kids in the community get some supplies for the school year so they can be successful,

said Adams County Sheriff Deputy Javier Lofton.

That's where the Police Benevolent and Protective Association steps in. They are there to help these lower income students succeed before ever stepping foot in the classroom.

I just love working with kids and this gives us, the PBPA a chance to give back to the community and work with kids who might not have a good first day back to school with everything they might necessarily need. We give them that chance to get that and feel great going back to school,

said Adams County Sheriff Deputy Laura Graham.

It means a lot, because I am a low income family. I'm a single mother. It really helps. It's really going to help me,

said shopping recipient Amanda Shup.

While the parents are extremely grateful, even the smallest of customers are enjoying this shopping experience.

The nice thing of the cops to let us go shopping,

said young student Amyra Schuette.

Each of the students chosen for today's event were from either Liberty, Payson, Camp Point, or Mendon.

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