Sheriff's Office urges caution in Central School District

The Adams County Sheriff's Office is urging caution after a still unidentified man approached Central Elementary students in Paloma Tuesday.

Adams County Chief Deputy Fred Kientzle said a man in a truck stopped and asked a group of children for directions. Kientzle stressed that the man didn't ask the students to get in his vehicle.

The sheriff's department stepped up patrols Thursday as a precautionary measure.

Kientzle said the incident took on a life on its own through social media outlets like Twitter, but said that the incident is a good reminder that school is back in session and that students and parents should be mindful.

Parents in the Camp Point Central School District received robo-calls from the district about the incident.

"There's not such thing as being 'overly paranoid,'" Kientzle said. "I mean, look at the way the world is."

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