Shelbina residents approve .05 sales tax for infrastructure


Updated Nov. 27, 2017 at 7:55 p.m.

Shelbina, Missouri voters approved an infrastructure-related measure on Tuesday, with 160 yes votes (64.26 percent) and 89 no votes (35.74 percent).

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In one week voters will head to the polls in Shelbina, Missouri to vote on the future of the city's infrastructure.

A half-cent sales tax increase will be the only infrastructure-related topic on the November ballot.

Although Shelbina residents have mixed emotions on the possible increase, a majority of them agree the roads need fixed.

"I am against it and they don't spend the money the way they should always," said Shelbina resident Harvey Skirvin.
"Especially the roads they need to be fixed," says Shelbina resident Kayla Gale.

If the tax were to pass on Tuesday, it will nearly triple the city of Shelbina’s budget for portions of infrastructure.

“Our typical street budget for chip and seal is around $50,000- $55,000. If this sales tax can pass that will generate approximately $100,000 per year. So we would be able to maintain our current street budget and doing work on a necessary basis as well as pave some streets every year," says Shelbina City Clerk Tim Lacy.

Lacy says residents will not notice a big increase with this tax due to Highway 36's half-cent tax ending much earlier than expected this past June.

"That tax ended and that’s over. So this will be a new tax but since that one ended it wouldn’t increase what they have been paying for the last three or four years," says Lacy.
"They just need to do their job and fix our town back up before it goes down to where there is nobody here anymore, I was born and raised here and I love this community," says Gale.

If this proposed sales take were to pass on Tuesday, the tax wouldn't go into effect until January 2018.

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