Sharing roads with motorcyclists

The Tri-States are seeing warmer temperatures than usual.

That means drivers will be sharing the road with motorcyclists.

"It's to be cognizant of vehicles around you in each lane," said Adams County Sheriff's Department Deputy, Kevin Kasparie.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, many accidents involving both motorcycles and cars are at the fault of the automobile driver.

"They're not just being aware of their surroundings, and they think it's your fault because you're driving down the road and they don't see you so they think it's your fault."

For long time motorcyclist Michael Noble he says he takes road safety very seriously.

"Always double look on a highway both ways or the road both ways before you pull out, you gotta do that," explained Noble.

And while Deputy Kasparie says it's all about being aware of your surroundings... it's also following the rules of the road.

Deputy Kasparie said, "Electronics...Being on your phone messing with your radio, stuff like that."
"Pay attention to people that are pulling out driveways and just make sure I'm aware of where everybody's at before I get there," said Noble.

Although temperatures are warmer than usual, motorcyclists should also take some weather precautions.

Rain and winter weather can make it difficult to travel.

Officials suggest a car-sized distance between the driver and motorcyclist.

"I'm saying it's a blast and I got a loud stereo so I hope they hear me before they see me."
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