Self Breast Exam saves Tri-State resident's life

Self Breast Exam saves Tri-State residents life

Lori Crim's life changed drastically in 2016.

She did a self breast exam and something didn't feel right.

"I knew what it was right then..."

Lori immediately saw her doctor at the Blessing Breast Center for a mammogram.

A few days later she got a phone call.

"I said j'ust please, just tell me' and he said i't is what you thought it was,'" Lori says.


"Needless to say I think I was devastated," said Lori.

Lori's next decision was the most important one she has ever made.

"You make up your mind if you're going to fight it or lay down and die. You stand up and fight so I did. I was 51, that's no time for a life to be over yet," explains Lori.

Her cancer was progesterone and estrogen driven and her-two-positive.

"When that happens then the hormone therapies work, if you block the hormones you block the cancer. You think the receptor being the ignition and the hormone being the key, you want to keep the key out of the ignition, if you keep the key out then the cancer cannot turn on," said Lori's oncologist, Dr. Raymond Smith.

Along with a double mastectomy she did Chemotherapy.

"It did its job but it was very difficult to function on a daily basis," Lori explains.

Now Lori is doing great and says this experience helped shape who she is today.

"Stronger, braver, more accepting of what life gives you. This is all bonus, could've died two years ago, but I didn't and I'm here. This is all bonus, this is all icing on the cake."
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