SE Iowa community revamps solid waste program

New Trash Bins

A southeast Iowa community is working to beautify the city and take the strain off city employees.

Fort Madison will soon have a new solid waste program.

"I am mixed about it, we are going to give it a try,” said Fort Madison resident Rocky Aschbrenner.

You may notice the new green trash bins showing up across the city of Fort Madison. That is because crews are spending the week delivering the new trash bins as a part of the city’s new trash program

The Fort Madison City Council has been working over the past few months to revamp its trash program.

"No more pulling dragging of trash cans, bags all carts would be wheeled and then lifted with a mechanical device on the back of the truck called a tipper,” said spokesperson Laura Liegois.

Resident Rocky Aschbrenner says the programs a good idea for manual labor reasons.

"It has to be hard on some of the guys lifting those cans, those garbage cans sometimes get heavy,” said Aschbrenner.

But he says he’s concerned about the size and how much lifting and pushing the elderly will now have to do.

"We'll they seem large, who knows maybe we'll fill them up overtime,” said Aschbrenner.

Liegois says this is the first step if the city wanted to go towards an automated system.

"Not having trash blown around, it is going to prevent a lot of litter issues in the community. I think a lot of residents are happy about that,” said Liegois.

The garbage disposal fee will remain the same $15 for the 65-gallon trash bin.

A 95-gallon cart with cost you an additional $2.50 a month.

All residents are asked to begin using the carts before July 2, 2018.

"For extra waste, all residents have to utilize their carts and no waste is allowed outside of the carts,” said Liegois.

The city will be ending its trash sticker program. Stickers will be accepted until July 20th.

The city will issue refunds on trash stickers from July 2 until July 20.

If you are someone who feels you need a bigger solid waste bin, residents have until August 11 to make the change by calling city hall.

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