Screen fatigue? Easy tips to ease strain on your eyes

Screen fatigue? Try putting your screen brightness at around 40 or 50 percent (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

Interacting with screens on a daily basis is apart of 21st century living.

But all of that screen time can cause eye fatigue and strain.

Dr. Dinita Cooley is an Optimitrist at Specks Eyewear in Quincy.

She says our eyes have trouble processing blue light in particular.

"The blue light for a couple of reasons. One, in the past it's been related to increased Cataracts, especially. It's just a shorter wave length for our eyes to process," said Dr. Cooley

Most of our electronics give off blue light.

Apple along with other companies have introduced ways to combat that effect.

A mode called NightShift on iOS devices allows, with the press of a button, the screen to automatically adjust to a warmer tone.

Dr. Cooley says this is much easier on our eyes.

"At night we're a little more sensitive to the red spectrum anyway. Moving that direction is good, in general, we want dimmer lighting, if we're in a dimmer lighting situation," said Dr. Cooley.

Another simple way to give your eyes some relief...take a break!

"There's always a time limit, there should always be a time limit. Adults and children both, adults at work and it's going to sound goofy, the thing I want to tell patients is...blink more!" said Dr. Cooley.

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