QPS School Board considers new school names

QPS School Board considers new school names

The Quincy School Board has now narrowed its list of possible school names to "historical names": Specifically ones that have a connection to Quincy.

"Elmer Wavering, Parker, Gates, Thomas Baldwin, Col. George Isles, Abbey Rooney Fox," says Quincy Board Member Jim Whitfield.

Are just some of the names being considered for the four new elementary schools in Quincy.

We took the possible names to the street to get the public's opinion.

"Those are quite some names. I think Thomas Baldwin would be good," says Missouri Resident Donna Ferguson.
"I like the Elmer Wavering and Parker Gates because they did an awful lot to promote Quincy and get the radios going and electronics in Quincy," explains Quincy Resident Sharon Otto.
"Parker Gates, I like names that are short and yet they are people that we want to recognize so I like that name too," says Quincy Resident Jackie Wrightsman.

Some names were liked more than others.

"The Abbey Fox Rooney, I think that's such a long name," laughs Wrightsman.
"I don't know who she is and neither do I know the Isles so I don't know neither part of their history," says Otto.

In the end, they all asked on the street approve the board's decision to use historical names.

"I do like that idea, yes, I really do," said Otto.
"I am in favor of those names because they are all people who have contributed," explains Wrightsman.
"It sort of brings back their memory like they are not forgotten," says Ferguson.
"These names are going to stay with these schools for the next 50, 60, possibly 70 years so that's why you have to be slow, and deliberate, and methodical, to make sure that these are the names that will carry us into future generations," says Whitfield.

Here's what's next - Whitfield says the board will choose a name for the 48th and Columbus and North 12th street schools within the next 60 days.

If you have a name in mind you're in luck, the board is still taking recommendations.

Email your ideas to Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb at

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