Scammers target the elderly

A new surge of information regarding sweepstakes, lottery, and prize scams surfaces as "winners" lose millions in fraud cases. Quincy's regional Better Business Bureau met Tuesday, along with the Adams County Sheriff's Department to discuss this growing concern targeting the elderly. Over half of the nation's losses due to scams were from those over the age of 60. As scammers continue to advance in the ways they target victims, Mara Clingingsmith, the Director of the Better Business Bureau Quincy has this advice:"The best thing you can do to prevent these is to report it if it happens to you. Even if you didn't lose any money or didn't fall victim to it, report it whether it's to the Better Business Bureau or the Quincy Police Department or any local authorities so we can continue to educate others," Clingingsmith said.The Better Business Bureau also suggests that you should communicate the dangers of scammers with family members who might be prone to becoming a victim.
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