Area police warning on letting students walk or bike to school

Area police warning on letting students walk or bike to school

Many Tri-State schools are getting back in session this week. That means drivers can expect to see more kids on their bikes on area streets.

Quincy Police officer Kelly Vandermaiden said it's not as simple as just grabbing your bike and hitting the road.

Kids on bikes must ride with traffic and obey all signs and signals. Police also want students to make sure to check brakes, gears, and tires beforehand.

When you're riding a bike make sure you aren't wearing headphones.

"Definitely wear a helmet, if you bike to school make sure you're wearing your helmet on your way. We don't want any accidents, we want people to be safe. We want kids riding the bikes to be safe and we want drivers to be aware of their surroundings and not be distracted. We want everyone to have a safe year," Officer Vandermaiden said.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, a helmet can reduce a head injury by 85 percent and a brain injury by 88 percent.

Another way kids get to school, they walk.

Area police want parents to discuss the importance of walking safety with children as the school semester kicks in.

The first lesson is be aware. Every day in the U.S. more than 40 kids are hit while walking to school.

Officer Vandermaiden tells KHQA kids walking to school should walk facing traffic.

Plus be on the look out for all traffic signs and signals. That includes designated crosswalks.

Vandermaiden says to put your phone down and keep your head up.

"Both kids and motorists need to be aware and limit their distractions. I see kids walking with their heads down and their cellphones, reading a text and not realizing they are close to an intersection. They need to be aware and motorists need to be aware. Just look out for each other," Vandermaiden said.

Now another tip for parents - walk the route ahead of time with your kid so they can become familiar with the route and the parent can check for any hazards along the way.

Safe Kids Worldwide has a website full of more biking and walking safety tips. You can look at that website by clicking here.

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