Rich history of Augusta, IL comes to life in published books

Celebrating 185 years of history.

It's been around for nearly 200 years--the Illinois town of Augusta’s rich history

"Augusta is probably the best small town ever," said resident Paula Rhodes.

Cindi Root has also lived in Augusta most of her life. For her, safety is important.

"The small-town feel. I know everybody. You can walk up and down the streets. It's safe," Root said.

Augusta was founded in 1832. Many of its founders are buried in the local cemetery--one of many historical sites across town.

Brent Engel is another Augusta-native. He has a lot of pride in his hometown.

It is his pride that influenced him to write two books about the history of Augusta.

"I want people who read these books to find out a little more about where we've been so that we can know where we're going...things change and generations change," said Engel.

Engel says as the population has declined, the town has lost many businesses critical to its character.

A void the community wants to see filled.

"For the future I would just hope to see more businesses come and people stay and continue to raise their kids here as they keep growing up," Root said.

Judy Bell has lived in Augusta for several decades. She says it's the compassion of the people that have kept her here.

“People have a heart here,” Bell said.

History. Family. Friendship.

For more information on the history of Augusta, Engel says to be on the lookout for his second book, “Augusta Stories.”

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