Quincy residents express concerns about city animal shelter

Quincy residents express concerns about city animal shelter (file photo)

A Quincy resident, veterinarian and alderwoman are not happy with the city's animal shelter.

Gordon Dobey told the council a Western Illinois Veterinary Clinic staff member used profanity in front of his 4-year-old when Dobey tried to get help with feral cats near his home.

Dr. Tricia Crist told the council Western did not administer pain medicine to a dog that was hit by a car earlier this month.

She says QPD's animal control officer dropped the dog off to the city shelter on December 1.

The animal turned out to be someone's pet.

Crist says the city's animal shelter should be required to provide humane medical care to animals that end up at the city shelter.

"If this is how the report and these cases are handled, I'm kind of disgusted as to that," Crist explained. "I really pray that something can be done so we don't have to look at more of these patients."

Seven ward alderwoman Terri Heinecke made a pointed statement to the council after hearing Monday night's speakers.

"Western needs to be checked on some of this stuff and it's time that somebody does it," Heinecke said.

The city awarded Western Illinois Veterinary Clinic a $416,000, three-year contract in May 2016.

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