Remembering local literary legend Ken Bradbury


Beloved local literary legend Ken Bradbury passed away at Memorial Hospital in Springfield, Illinois Sunday at the age of 69, following a battle with esophageal cancer.

KHQA extends its warmest condolences to Bradbury's family and friends, and spoke to one of his loved ones on Monday.

"We are just heart broken, we're just sick we're going to miss him so much," Bradbury's cousin Linda Pearson said.

The Pike County native, raised in the small community of Perry, Illinois, was well known throughout Western Illinois as a writer, children's author, musician, teacher, actor, playwright, and theater-buff.

"He was really, I would say the pride of Perry, he was published, he wrote plays, books, had a column in the newspaper, syndicated newspaper," Pearson said.

Ken wore many hats and has a legacy that reaches into the imaginations of young and old alike.

He taught at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, and Triopia High School, to name a couple.

And was known for pulling pranks.

"They came in to check his blood they asked which finger to use," Pearson mused. "And all he said was 'his,' and pointed at his nephew. Such a good guy. Witty and fun."

He was a comedian whose humor transcends generations.

But it was his battle with esophageal cancer that captured the hearts of tens of thousands through strength and tenacity, and his caring bridge blog.

"He was not going to waste time wallowing and being dark and down," Pearson said. "He was not going to miss any opportunity to live life."

Continuing his legacy of laughter, and a zest for life until the very end.

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