Real ID Act to affect future travel


Are you planning on traveling by air soon?

A new law slated to go into effect may change your plans.

If you've traveled by plane recently you might have seen signs in airports advertising the Real ID Act.

The Real ID Act was signed into law in May 2005.

The law creates federal requirements for state-issued IDs.

That's according to the Transportation Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security.

Now two weeks from today on January 22, anyone traveling with a non-compliant state driver's license will be asked to show a secondary form of ID.

This can be a passport.

Those without another form of ID will not be allowed to fly domestically after that date.

Right now Illinois and Missouri are not compliant with federal guidelines.

However if you have an Illinois or Missouri driver's license and are traveling after Jan. 22--you're in luck.

The two states have been issued an extension by Homeland Security until October 10th of this year.

For you Iowans traveling, your licenses are compliant with federal guidelines.

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