Rawhide recalls and a healthy alternative

Elvis Pupsley Snacks makes all natural dog treats--and right here in the Tri-States.

Cheri Meyer owns a natural dog treat business called, "Elvis Pupsley Snacks."

You might have seen her treats in area supermarkets, groomers, and vets throughout the Tri-States.

Her basset hound named Elvis, who had many food allergies, inspired her to make her own treats.

Her business has really taken off during a six-year span.

"I'd have all these dogs just coming sitting on my porch when I was baking," recalled Meyer.

Meyer now distributes her homemade treats to seven states.

Many pet owners are now turning to all-natural dog treats after the FDA's recent warning recall on rawhide bones for dogs--especially during the holidays when people buy more pet treats.

"Because most of our rawhide, even though it's processed in the U.S. is made in China," said Bob Reich, veterinarian and owner of Animal Medical Clinic in Quincy.

Reich says bones, processed pig ears and rawhide chews made outside of the U.S. contain toxins that cause liver and kidney failure in dogs.

"We had one Christmas a few years ago where we had 5 dogs in 3 days that had been poisoned from Chinese dog treats," Reich explained.

The scariest part?

"Nobody's identified it yet. It's kind of unusual...You know it's bad when the FDA can't quite figure out what it is," said Reich.

So when you're out shopping to find that special gift for your furry friend this holiday season-- check the label.

Dr. Reich says a bone or rawhide chew made in the U.S. is typically safe.

Or you can go the all-natural route.

"It's all about the dogs. That's what I'm there for," said Meyer.

Meyer's all-natural dog treats can be found in both Quincy Hy-Vee’s, Klingele Veterinary Clinic, General Vet Clinic and Groomingdales.

She hopes to open her own store to sell all of her baked goods in the future.

For more information on her business, visit her Facebook page.

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