Raw egg dog challenge has experts concerned

A new online challenge involving the family dog is going viral. It already has 8 million views, but experts are shaking their heads with disapproval.

In the age of social media, there's a new challenge that’s taking over the internet.

Don't worry it’s not laundry detergent.

And it involves something that most of you probably have in your kitchen fridge--raw eggs.

It's called the ‘Raw Egg Challenge’ and it has over 8 million views on the “Buzzfeed Animals” page.

Thousands have jumped onto the new trend and are posting videos of their dogs with a raw egg in its mouth to see if it breaks.

We showed Tri-State residents videos of Facebook users and their dogs attempting the challenge and asked their opinion.

Hannibal resident and dog owner Amelia Shipman was in disbelief.

"The dog looks very scared first of all and it just makes me sad. He looks very confused. I don't know. Why would someone even want to do that," asked Shipman.

Krissy Chandler owns a Shih Tzu and was not fazed by the videos.

"I think all these challenges are really silly. I'm not going to go home and feed my dog an egg," said Chandler.

Dr. LeAnn Welch says this trend is a bad idea.

"It's a choking hazard. The shell of the egg and even inside the egg can have bacteria in it like Salmonella. So dogs just from putting it in their mouth can get Salmonella poisoning," said Welch who owns Hannibal Veterinary Clinic.

Welch says this can be deadly for dogs.

"If something goes wrong then it turns out to be scary and a medical emergency and you're rushing your dog into the veterinarian," Welch explained.

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