Ralls County 911 members and law enforcement meet

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Ralls County law enforcement officials met to discuss the future of the Ralls County 911 system Thursday morning.

This after the resignation of the former Ralls County 911 Director.

"I think the top of the serve here has got to be the safety and the concern of our citizens and officers,” said Ralls County Sheriff Gerry Dinwiddie.

Let's bring you up to speed - Thursday's meeting comes a week after Ralls County law enforcement agreed to move its 911 dispatch services to Marion County. That decision was made following a disagreement over informational resources between dispatchers and law enforcement.

"But at the end of the day they are responsible for us. But when they are hamstrung or they don’t have that knowledge directly through an efficient channel that in itself is just poor communication,” said Ralls County Chief Deputy Ronald Haught.
Ralls County 911 Interim Director Brian Boleach said, “There was some uncertainty on how policies were to be done and there was a difference in agreements in how those policies were to be handled between the agencies.”

The focus Thursday was to make progress through safety and information between the two departments.

The most important issue was making sure all background information is available to dispatchers and relayed to law enforcement

"All of us in the county working most the time completely by ourselves, I make a traffic stop in the middle of nowhere on a known fill in the blank person, they won't have that information anymore in front of them because the caliber will be a clean slate," said Center Missouri Police Chief David Ray.

Ralls County Deputy Chief believes this is the first step to building back from a once broken system to a positive end goal.

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