Quincy's school building project on track

Quincy's school building project on track

School buildings in Quincy are all on schedule as of Tuesday's QPS Building Committee meeting.

The board discussed status and budget.

The Committee also approved a motion to have the city annex the Harrison and 48th Street schools into the city limits.

This action would allow city first responders to be called in case of emergency, rather than county.

Committee Chair Robert McNay says he's happy and excited about the progress being made.

"I'm very pleased with the construction progress. Isles is probably a little ahead of schedule and they're just finishing up on that school. Rooney, they've got some work to do. It's going to be tight, but we feel they can still complete it on time, provided Mother Nature cooperates and we don't get a lot of rain," said McNay.

The next meeting is the 22nd of May at 7 a.m.

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