Quincy Veteran's Day Parade


With Veteran's Day next week, Quincy held its annual Veterans Day Parade today to honor those who have served.

Many crowded Quincy's Maine Street to celebrate the community's veterans.

A special ceremony was also held at City Hall's 9/11 memorial.

Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb, who is also a retired Brigadier General, laid a wreath at the memorial site to honor those who died on September 11th.

World War II Veteran Margaret McClain led the parade as Grand Marshall. McClain is 94 years old.

Marine Veteran Al Schloser says celebrations like these mean the world to those who have served.

"Veterans Day Parade to me is an honor, when the people come by, and the flag comes by, you stand up and you remember that flag, and the price that was paid for that flag. Well you know they signed their name on the dotted line and they're sacrificing themselves for 2, 4, 6 years whatever, for this country and for the freedom of the people of this country, " said Schloser.

The parade route started at 1648 Maine street and ended at Washington Park.

Veterans Day is next Saturday, November 11.

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