Quincy University history professor on Tillerson: Not surprising

With the push of a tweet, President Trump announced to the world Rex Tillerson is now out as Secretary of State.

President Trump made that announcement earlier today saying current CIA Director Mike Pompeo will be nominated in his place.

This is the 27th major departure within the White House administration since President Trump took office.

The move comes just months before a planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. A historic move that will see the top leader from both countries meet in person for the first time.

The Secretary of State is critical to these negotiations.

Many believe the President's nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo is a power-move meant to ensure some sort-of agreement is made when the two sides meet.

"He needed stronger people around him and Pompeo is that. He is respected by both Republicans and Democrats and the North Koreans will likewise respect him because they know that Trump will respect Pompeo and that is a key thing," said Associate Professor at Quincy University Justin Coffey.

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