Quincy sees 25 car thefts so far this year, summer peak theft season nationwide

A next generation alarm system (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants drivers to be extra aware.

According to the safety administration, a car is stolen every 41 seconds in the United States.

In fact, the Quincy Police Department said a car was stolen late Wednesday night outside of a local business.

"So far this year in 2018, we've had 25 vehicle thefts," said Officer Kelly Vandermaiden with the Quincy Police Department.

The NHTSA says the U.S. sees nearly $6 billion worth of vehicle thefts each year.

"They're going to want to try to get into your vehicle right away," said Shawn Rice, who owns Armadillion Audio on Broadway St. in Quincy.

He's seen it all in those two and a half decades.

Including a massive leap in the technology available in car sercurity systems.

"The remotes you can get are very feature friendly. This unit has up to a mile range and if you're in Walmart or another store shopping around, this remote will start going off and whistling at you," said Rice.

But nowadays, everything has an app, including many aftermarket alarm systems like this.

"With this you can also see where your vehicle is located at. If it's being stolen you can track it, you can also do car finder, so when you park your vehicle somewhere, you can activate the car finder and walk back to it," said Rice.

According to the FBI, vehicle thefts increased 7.4 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year.

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