Quincy Public Schools and union membership "makes progress" in contract talks

Union supporters turn out at the Quincy School Board office Monday night to show support for QPS teachers and staff.

Quincy school board members and union reps returned to the negotiating table Monday night. The two sides met for almost five hours behind closed doors at the Board of Education office.

Quincy Federation President Jen Drew said language items, insurance, and benefits were the focus points.

Now progress does not mean a tentative agreement. New information from Monday's meeting will be given to members in a general meeting later today.

"Hopefully we're just going to keep thinking outside the box and find ways to work together to benefit the employees and children of Quincy," Drew said.

"Progress was made for sure," Quincy Public School Board President Sayeed Ali explained. "That helps with both sides working together. The board doesn't want to work against our team members we want to work with them. We've accomplished a lot of great things the past few years and want to keep that going. We have made some ground and we'll see what membership decides tomorrow."

Both sides have met at least 12 times since May to reach an agreement. Monday night's meeting did not include a federal mediator.

The Quincy Federation represents more than 850 district employees. That includes teachers, paras, secretaries, security guards, bus drivers, cooks, and other employees.

The earliest union members can walk off the job is this Friday.

KHQA asked Drew if positive talks this week would lead to membership delaying the strike with hopes of locking in a contract.

"We'll have to wait and see what the membership has to say," Drew replied.

Quincy Union members will meet Tuesday at 5:00 p.m., at the Machinist Hall.

Drew said she expects final results to be submitted to the QPS board Wednesday morning.

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