Quincy residents displaced after gas leak

The housing has been deemed unsafe by the city.

Seven families were forced to evacuate their homes after a gas leak was reported.

â??It woke me up out of my sleep,â?? John Graviit says. That was around five o'clock early Friday morning. Graviit called the Quincy Fire Department and they came out to inspect the property at 602 N. 5th St.

"They were beating our door so bad we didn't know what it could be. I got up and answered the door he said this is the fire department and this house has been tagged with a gas leak and some other regulations and it's not up to par,"John Cain said.

They found more than what they were called for. The fire department found some wiring issues as well.

Cain says he grabbed what he could and went across the street. And then he began to worry.

"We were all worried about finding a place to go because here in the middle of the winter, no we're all not making no money, just a little social security," Cain said.

The fire department then called the American red Cross. They arranged for the families to be picked up by a city bus and taken to their location and then on to where they will be housed for a few days.

"We are arranging for shelter, food for a few days for them, until they can figure out their other arrangements, um, we make sure they have their clothing needs, basically their basic needs which are always the food, shelter and clothing," Amanda Stotts, a spokeswoman for American Red Cross said.

But the aid runs out Monday, Feb. 3 and Cain and a few of the other residents will have no place to go.

"I thank God we are ok, but there has been so many problems that I know when the city gets done there won't be nobody living there no more," Cain said.

The housing has been deemed unsafe by the city.

Cain states that the housing units are in despair and need to be fixed. He also says they have called the people who own their apartments.

One of the owners is Don Heck, a local attorney. He states he did not know about the property being deemed uninhabitable until two o'clock Friday afternoon because he was in court all day.

He also says he has never received any complaints and is concerned about what took place.

If you would like to help the families, please contact the Quincy Red Cross at 217-222-2477.

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