Quincy residents concerned over 'dangerous dog'


A heated Adams County Board meeting Tuesday night, where fired up residents were escorted out of the room.

Emotions ran high as Adams County neighbors argued over what some call a 'dangerous dog.'

Quincy resident Mike Reed told the Adams County Board he was speaking on behalf of his wife Michelle, who took a cell phone video of the dog next door.

The dog appears to be aggressively barking while fenced in.

"I think this dog is a menace to the neighborhood. I'm very concerned about young people. Our neighborhood is full of little kids," said Reed.

Reed's wife says the dog bit her last year.

"We need to take a look at our ordinances," Reed said.

The Reeds aren't the only ones concerned.

"In our neighborhood we cannot go outside without this animal growling viciously through the fence," said neighbor Joleen Patton.

"He was definitely trying to attack me or my dog," said Mike Cook, another neighbor.

"I no longer walk my dog daily in the neighborhood," said Donna Dutton.

Cheryl Williams owns the dog in question.

"So we have a fence. A very large fence. They do not. So when their dog was attacked, their dog was running free," said Williams.

Williams presented her side of the story and was escorted out once the meeting became heated.

"If you want to do ordinances maybe have these neighbors abide by the ordinances already in place, which is being responsible for their own animals," Williams said.

Here's what's next: the legislative committee will review the county's current animal control policy.

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