Quincy Public School District preparing for move to new K-5 schools

Quincy Public School District preparing for move to new K-5 school's

Some Quincy public elementary students might see boxes throughout their schools right now.

They're there in preparation of this summer's move to new school buildings.

Quincy Public School District educators say it's "class as usual."

"Instruction will continue throughout the end of the school year, until our final day," says Michaela Fray.

Michaela Fray serves as director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment at the Quincy Public School District.

She says student learning is happening as usual despite the schools' plans to transition to the new K-5 schools.

"Teachers will be working to pack some items that may not be used and we trust that they will continue to provide the best quality education and still making steps for preparation," Fray adds.

Teachers are packing items not needed for the rest of the school year such as holiday decorations and materials already covered in class.

Educators say students will still have access to library resources through the end of the school year.

"We will make sure that they still have access to quality level book for them to enjoy and use in their instruction," said Fray.

Officials say school libraries establish a check out and return deadline every year, and this one is no different.

Parents are asked to keep an eye on the school's K-5 newsletters as well as information on their child's new school.

The Quincy Public School District says the official move to new school buildings will not take place untill summer.

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