Quincy Preserves hosts Christmas Altar Crawl

Vermont Street Methodist Church was one of seven stops as part of the Quincy Preserves' Christmas Altar Crawl.

Dozens of Tri-State residents spent Sunday afternoon enjoying multiple churches.

The Quincy Preserves hosted a Christmas Altar Crawl at six historic churches.

People had a chance to get an up close and personal look at St. Boniface, St. John's Anglican, Vermont Street Methodist, Central Baptist, Luther Memorial and Salem Evangelical Churches.

Father Chris Comerford with Blessed Sacrament said he was pleased to open St. Boniface to the public for an afternoon since it closed more than 10 years ago.

"This is such a wonderful idea to have the opportunity for people to go around to serve churches in Quincy," Father Comerford said. "When I was asked to open St. Boniface, I thought this is the perfect time. Many people haven't been in the church in about 12 years. It's still being preserved."

St. Boniface was the parish of Father Augustus Tolton, the country's first African-American Catholic priest.

The Catholic Church is in the process of turning Father Tolton into a saint.

That endeavor would mean changes for St. Boniface in Quincy.

"If that process moves forward, this church will be a shrine dedicated to him," Father Comerford said. "His remains will be moved from St. Peters Cemetery in Quincy here to St. Boniface and it will open as a shrine and dedicated to his memory."

Attendees also had a chance to hear the pipe organs in Vermont Street Methodist and St. John's Anglican Churches as a part of Sunday's altar crawl.

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