Quincy Police warn public of "grandparent scam"

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The Quincy Police Department has received several complaints regarding the 'grandparent scam' and wants to make the public aware of the scam.

Recently, several people have fallen victim and QPD wants to help others avoid the same outcome.

The scam is a phone scam.

Jim Colcord remembers a phone call he received last Friday.

"My phone rings and I answer it and there's who I thought was my grandson on the other end of the phone. It sounded just like him," said Colcord.

The caller told Colcord he was arrested for causing a car accident.

The only way he could be released from jail was if Colcord paid $6,900 to bail him out.

"That was scary when you think about it," Colcord said,

Detective Adam Gibson says the scam can work in several ways.

"One they'll say that they've been in an accident. Two they'll say that they've been injured or at the hospital," said Gibson.

Or three, they were in an accident and were arrested.

That's the case with Colcord.

"So we get to the beauty shop and mom's telling her beautician about what had happened and her beautician comes over to me and she goes don't do it it's a scam. I've had about five other people tell me that the same thing has happened to them," Colcord recalled.

Colcord says his wife called their daughter because something was not adding up.

"Do you know where your son's at? She said yeah he's at home. She goes are you sure and she goes yeah I just talked to him," recounted Colcord.

Colcord says he is terrified what could have happened if that hairdresser didn't speak up.

They will ask the victim to either Moneygram, Western Union, or buy Walmart or Itunes gift cards and ask for the number off of the cards.

They will tell the victim not to contact their parents or any other family members as they don’t want anyone to know before sending the money.

If you receive these calls just hang up, or ask for a phone number to call the person back at and call the grandchild or their parents to verify it is the grandchild before sending money.

If you have any further questions about the scam please call Detective Adam Gibson at 217-592-3604.

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