Quincy Police History: Rare revolvers to be auctioned this weekend


    Some very rare pieces of Quincy Police history will go up for auction at the Quincy Civic Center this weekend.

    Three 1877 Colt revolvers, special ordered by QPD, will go across the block this Saturday,

    QPD ordered 25 of these revolvers in 1877 and only 5 are known to exist today.

    Will Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Auctioneers, says the combination of special features and their tie to the area makes these revolvers extremely desirable.

    And to have something like this that is tied to our area that is new to the market you know it's a new collectors piece that guys didn't know about 30, 40 years ago. The whole story's very neat behind it, but the fact of what they are, is almost even more extreme to the collector, it's a really, really nice piece of history," stated Sullivan.

    The auction this Saturday will set the market price for these revolvers.

    The buyer will have the option to buy all three, just one, or a combination of the guns. Any they chose not to take will be put back up for auction.

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