Quincy plan commission rejects controversial zoning request

Quincy's Plan Commission denies Laverdiere Construction's request that the land at 30th and Locust Streets in Quincy be zoned as heavy industrial.

Quincy's Plan Commission denied a request Tuesday to change zoning on the northeast corner of 30th and Locust Streets to "heavy industrial."

Laverdiere Construction, based out of Macomb, Illinois, wanted to build a new asphalt plant there.

Jack Laverdiere pleaded his case at the Commission meeting.

However, the Commission sided with residents concerned about smells and health issues. He said the new asphalt plant would have employed eight to 10 people.

Laverdiere mentioned the location in Quincy would help with a project they are contracted on at the Quincy Regional Airport. He addressed residents' concerns by stating the plant would be dust-free, and that the location was chosen to impact local residents the least.

“There is M2 (zoning), which is located north of this facility, which is heavy industrial, however that facility is a little bit farther north,” Laverdiere said. “It's closer to some residential areas. So that's why we chose this particular piece.”

Following Laverdiere's remarks, Lagé Brevitz presented a petition with 61 signatures against to asphalt plant. She spoke on behalf of the Drakewood Subdivision citing health concerns and a potential loss in land value.

"As a healthcare professional and a mother of two young boys, this is extremely concerning and unacceptable,” Brevitz said. “The potential placement of this asphalt plant places our subdivision directly down wind.
“A property value study documented a loss of up to 56 percent because of the presence of a nearby asphalt plant."

Even though the Plan Commission denied the zoning request, the full city council will have a chance to vote on the measure Monday. The council is not expected to have aldermanic support to override the Plan Commission's decision.

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