Quincy Pastor appears in Virginia Beach court; bond request denied


A Quincy native and former U.S. Marine Todd Tomko faced a judge Tuesday morning in Virginia Beach's Juvenile and Domestic Relations court. He requested a bond be set in the case against him.

Tomko is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery with a victim under the age of 13 and one count of endangerment and cruelty to children.

Tuesday in court, Todd Tomko's defense attorney said he's been a marine for 33 years, he suffers from alcoholism, PTSD and a traumatic brain injury but the attorney argued he's not a danger to the community and not a flight risk.

The judge didn't agree.

Tomko's request for bond was denied.

As with any of these situations, he's sitting in jail and it's a tough situation.

Tomko faces 7 felonies, all sex or endangerment charges with victims who were minors. The commonwealths attorney argued there were far more than 7 crimes committed and many of them happened over several years but that evidence, they say, will come out in the trial.

The defense told the Judge that Tomko is a Pastor at Parkview Church in Quincy, prosecutors said that's why these vcitims came forward in the first place; they are worried about the saefty of other children.

Jarrett McCormick, Tomko's attorney, admitted his client has struggled with alcohol and has some criminal offenses on his record. Outside the courtroom he told us his client will fight the charges against him.

Basically as with any criminal cases at this point these are allegations every single defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and it will be a long process but we will see how it shakes out in the end.

Prosecutors said there are three victims in this case, all of whom are related to Tomko.

The commonwealths attorney argued crimes date back to 2002.

We know Tomko has three children of his own but they live with his wife in Germany. While prosecutors believe the victims are family, they confirm they are not Tomko's own children.

The defense attorney said Tomko does plan to appeal this decision by the Judge and is hoping to have another bond hearing early next week in Virginia Beach.

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