Quincy: No parking on snow emergency routes

snow route.jpg

Based on Quincy's weather forecasting service, Mayor Moore is asking those parking on snow emergency routes to voluntarily comply and not park on those routes effective Friday, January 11 at 6 p.m. until noon on Monday, January 14.

It will be decided later on Friday or Saturday if a snow emergency will be declared.

If and when a snow emergency is declared it applies to the designated snow routes with blue signage.

Vehicles must be moved off these designated routes. Those not moved are subject to being ticketed and/or towed once there are three inches of snowfall.

Throughout the winter months as snow occurs, Central Services implements the following snow policy. The goal is to keep all streets passable during the snowstorm and within twelve hours after the storm passes have all streets plowed curb to curb and salted as needed.

If the storm amounts to three inches or more, the city may declare a snow emergency.

The snow emergency requires all vehicles to be removed from the designated snow routes shown in pink on the Snow Emergency map on the City’s web site.

No vehicles will be allowed to park on these designated routes until the snow emergency has been lifted.

Mayor Moore urges everyone to drive safely, and if at all possible, avoid being out on the roads as the conditions worsen.

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