Quincy native returns home to share healthy eating habits

Quincy native returns home to share healthy eating habits.

Tri-State women had the opportunity to screen for possible health problems and explore health resources as part of the "Be Strong! Women's Wellness in Action" event hosted by the Blessing Wellness Center.

Saturday's event included free screenings, medical resources and healthy refreshments.

Quincy native Ryan Hutmacher is a nutrition chef who now wants to help bring a healthy lifestyle to Tri-State residents.

"I can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to come back to Quincy, my hometown, and to work with Blessing at the new Wellness Center, and it's humbling because the work that I do is very niche and very specific, but very much needed, and to be able to have a platform within what they're doing in the community here is awesome, to come back to my roots," said Hutmacher.

Hutmacher says he hope he can continue to show people that eating healthy can be a fun, easy, cheap and delicious endeavor.

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