Quincy McDonald's store unveils new kiosk

Photo courtesy of the Quincy Chamber

On Wednesday, the McDonald's located at the Quincy Mall hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil new technology.

Owners Mike and Breanna Kasprzyk held the ceremony at 11:30 a.m.

Special digital, self-order kiosks were revealed that will provide easier ordering for customers via a mobile app and provide table service.

The owners stressed that these kiosks will not replace employees. Employees working with the kiosks are on the GEL team - Guest Experience League.

Customers will now be able to order at touch screens and then pick up a number with a digital locator. The kiosks will also allow employees to serve customers at their tables.

GEL team members will interact with customers and bring good to tables.

Customers can now also order and pay on the McDonald's mobile app. Orders can be ordered ahead and picked up at curbside, inside, or at the drive thru.

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