Quincy looking to buy new fire trucks

File photo

The Quincy Fire Deparment is now in the works to get a new truck or two.

Fire Chief Joe Henning tells KHQA when he took over as chief, it was his goal to replace a fire truck every three years.

The last new truck came online in 2010, and he says the city is now looking to get one, possibly two new trucks...depending on the cost.

He says right now, the two oldest trucks in the fleet are 1987 models.

He says over the last several years, a plan has been in place to pay for new trucks.

"Shortly after I became chief, we worked with the council and we were able to take the money we were getting paid from the state of Illinois to provide fire protection at the Veteran's Home. We put that money into a dedicated apparatus replacement fund. We have about $622,000 sitting in that account right now," says Henning.

Here's what's next...bids for the new trucks are due November 9th.

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