Quincy Jr. High offers "Men in the Making" mentorship program

Quincy Jr. High offers "Men in the Making" mentorship program

Some Quincy middle school students are learning life skills that will help them far beyond graduation.

Every week some 6th graders at Quincy Junior High meet to learn what it takes to become a man.

"I learned to be respectful to adults and learned how to treat other people. We learned how to shake hands," says Man in the Making, Elijah Wigfall.
"How to introduce ourselves to people, how to hold a door open for people," says Isiah Talton, another Man in the Making.

This week's task? How to tie a tie.

It's all thanks to the school's new club called "Men in the Making."

The premise is based on a book titled, "Manual to Manhood."

The book will teach the kids 100 different tips and tricks to use right now, but it's what they take away for the future that matters the most.

"These tools that they have will help set the stage for when they start to become an adult. We're just trying to provide an opportunity that there is a right way to do things and if we can teach them those skills now they will draw upon those later," says QJHS Principal Dan Sparrow.

Principal Dan Sparrow says students are responding to the club very well.

"I like it because it teaches you stuff that not a lot of kids get to do," Tolton explains.
"I feel super lucky because not a lot of schools give you this opportunity to have hands-on experience and I feel like its super great," adds Wigfall.

Men in the Making is a three year program.

When the current 6th graders complete the program as 8th graders, they will become mentors to a new group of 6th graders.

This is the program's first year at Quincy Junior High School.

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