Quincy, IL in top 11 cities for Millennial home buyers: here's why they move

Quincy, IL in top 11 cities for Millennial home buyers: here's why they move.

USA Today highlighted Quincy, Illinois as one of the top 11 cities for Millennial home buyers.

Quincy came in at number seven, with 49% of home buyers being millennials.

You can read that story here.

Big cities have always attracted young workers.

But that comes with sky-high home prices which send Millennials across the country looking for alternatives like Quincy.

Though homes are attracting Millennials, they are staying for a whole different reason.

"You don't have to pay to park, no traffic jams, I'm not jumping on an interstate to get to another place," says Luke Tappe.

Just a few of the reasons Quincy Resident Luke Tappe loves Quincy, Illinois.

Luke is a real estate broker in Quincy.

He has noticed a similarity in his clients.

"My customer base is probably all millennials," explains Tappe.

During his 29 years in Quincy he saw his hometown grow as he grew up.

"You can't hardly take a drive down Broadway anymore without saying 'oh that went up' or 'oh that's different'. In terms of growth I significantly have seen a growth throughout my life here," Tappe says.

There are many things Quincy has done to attract Millennial aside from the affordable living options.

While also thinking of those who have lived there their whole lives.

"We've invested in a program called the downtown rental rehab program. We've also tried as a community to build our parkway system and trailways. We're building all new elementary schools. If you look at opportunities to continue on in your educations we have programs like the Quincy promise and the Q.U. scholarship trust. If you look at starting a business we have organizations like SCORE which can help you," Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore explains.

Being a Millennial himself, Tappe can't think of a better city to raise his family.

"I am a single father of a seven year old and I would not want to raise my son anywhere else but Quincy, Illinois. You feel a sense of warmth for your kid and your family."

A few of the other cities USA Today mentioned include Athens, Ohio; Odessa, Texas; Pottsville, Pennsylvania and Dickenson, North Dakota.

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