Quincy flower shop looks for new owner after previous owner's death

Adam Florist - KHQA

It's a place that's brought life and color into many lives, but that beacon could be extinguished after word that Adam Florist in Quincy is closing.

The long-time floral shop near 8th and State in Quincy is set to close December 21st. Greg Lueckenhoff owned Adam Florist in Quincy since the 1990's, but after his death in early November of 2018, his shop is now going out of business.

It's kind of a sad situation, you know, this was Greg's life," said Nancy Dodds, florist.

Employees aren't the only ones feeling the loss of both Greg and his shop.

I think it means a lot because a lot of his customers are very sad. Emotionally, you know because they have dealt with him for 30 years, said Dodds.
We became lifelong friends because of antiques and old houses and both of us worked in flower shops," said Richard Cottrell, Lueckenhoff's friend and Adam Florist customer.
It's just going to be a very hard situation when it comes the end of the year when we have to close," said Dodds.

However, employees and costumers hope that Adam Florist can be saved.

We don't have a buyer as of yet so," said Dodds.

Employees and customer are hoping for the best.

Adam's Florist has done very well in this community and I think somebody else could keep it running and do the same as Greg did in the past," said Dodds.
It would be nice to have the shop for sure to have the name continue on," said Cottrell.
Yes, that would be Greg's hope, that someone would come in and keep it going," said Dodds.

While everything in Adam Florist is currently 75 percent off, the last day of business is quickly approaching. If you are interested in helping, contact Adam Florist at (217) 228-0522.

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