Quincy Fire Department plans to flush several hydrants in town

SBG file photo

The City of Quincy has announced fire hydrant flushing for several locations.

The Quincy Fire Department will be flushing hydrants for flow testing purposes the week of October 2nd through the 6th at the following locations:

  • 823 South 36th Street
  • 4212 Bedford Court
  • 3701 Prairie Ridge Drive
  • Brandywine & Peach Tree Lane
  • 1301 South 48th Street
  • 1405 Harrison Plaza
  • 605 South 45th Street
  • Hampton Lane & Harrison Street
  • South 45th Street and Quail Creek
  • South 46th Street & Caleb Lane
  • Quail Creek and Pheasant Run

Please note that during this time, residents in these areas may experience low water pressure or water discoloration. These conditions are temporary and the water will remain safe for use and consumption at all times.

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