Quincy couple expecting conjoined twin boys

UPDATED: August 16 at 12:32 p.m.

Finding out you're having a baby is often a joyful moment in a couple's life and can be twice as exciting if you find out you're having twins. For John and Shawna Mitchell that was the case, and in April they found out they were having a very special set of twins, conjoined twins.

"It was the drive home, sitting in silence and realizing why us, and then as we drove home, we started turning our head and saying okay... God has given this for a reason and now it's turned on to how can God get the glory for this," said soon to be dad John Mitchell.

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The boys are joined at the lower chest. Jad and Kal each have their own hearts and major organs. They share one large liver, and the intestines. Those can be separated in surgery -- which they plan on doing.

"They would like to do that within the first week or a month depending on how they're doing," said mom to be Shawna.

They've been seeing a neonatal specialist in Philadelphia. And even after discouraging words from one of their doctors, the Mitchells have kept their spirits high.

"Every appointment we keep going back and we just keep beating the odds and we know why. It was pretty cool to go to Philadelphia and hear, 'we've seen this before, it's not impossible,'" said John.

"We hope that they learn from this, not to be so discouraging and even though it may not happen all the time, the odds are being beat and it does happen," said soon to be mom Shawna Mitchell.

While raising one child can be financially straining, having twins is twice as much, not to mention separation surgery. But for the Mitchells... The money is worth it.

"We realize that we're going to do whatever it takes to make sure these babies survive. We're going to give them the best chance and if we're in debt for the rest of our lives, we're going to be. But they're going to get the best care possible," said John.

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There will be a worship benefit for the Mitchells next Sunday the 22nd. It will be at the Ambiance on Kochs Lane starting at 6:00 p.m.

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